An adult Kalimari.

A race mainly of philosophers and mathematicians, they eat birds and have no natural predators. On occasion young Kalimari will descend from the skies and try apprenticing themselves to earth-bound craftsmen, to learn about technology, but once they’ve learned enough they typically fly right back up to share their knowledge.

As they have a limited form of telepathy, this knowledge spreads extremely fast.

Occasionally, a group of Kalimari will descend to ground-level and begin attacking people, usually striking them dead with high-voltage arcs from the tips of their tentacles, but sometimes simply tearing them to pieces; adult Kalimari are enormously strong. Other times, similar groups will attack and bring down aircraft, usually resulting in total destruction of the airframe and contents and the death of all the crew and passengers.

It’s not known how they fly, why they become aggressive, how they generate their electrical arcs, or how their telepathy works. It may be related to their advanced grasp of mathematics, but since they seem reluctant to share what they know, nobody can say for sure.


Norithal Foster